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Nov 05, 1997 07:26 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Chuck:  "Feeling good creates a form of stasis which is not the
same as absence of conflict."

"Stasis is a state in which nothing moves, not even sub-atomic particles.  I
use the word to describe a state in which nothing changes."

Shock! Phew, some of these Bacon TS's create a psychic blocking. I only
know very very little about atoms or sub-atomic particles but I happened
to learn some about psychology. As I understand it, a feeling always flows -
like water. If the feeling doesn't flow anymore a person starts to feel
It's important to feel good, but I would consider feeling good a basis for the
psyche and not a stasis. According to my opinion the stasis belongs more
to the body where the atoms etc. can be found.

If you do feel good inspite of the presence of a conflict, that's wonderful.

"And, as that concentration is on violent action, as opposed to stasis, it
will have an immediate impact on the mental atmosphere of anyone
who is open to it."

Except to the "stasis", I agree. It's also a very good example: when one is
close to a violent action it feels as if the violent force flows through
walls and doors etc. which it couldn't if it would be a stasis.



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