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E-mail Filter Feature

Nov 03, 1997 12:54 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Words mean different things to different people. One such thing is the
e-mail *filter* feature. Based on our experience with coffee filter, water
filter, etc., if one has not used the e-mail filter capability in e-mail
program, one is likely to think that the filters filter msgs. It is not
really so. The e-mail filter may more correctly may be termed as sorting
ability or feature. That is how the *filter* is used. 

For example, I get mails from a couple of theos-xxxx maillists, theos-world
maillist, aspartame maillist, CD-R Maillist, Pentax Camera maillist in
addition to other mail that is sent to my by other entities including my
clients and customers. The daily volume of mail average between 200 and 300,
seven days of the week. If all of them are in one pile, it is going to be
very time consuming to sort them out and one has to look atleast at the
subject header of each msg to decide what should be done. To speed up this
process, I have set up within the e-mail program several mailboxes. For
example, I have


The In mailbox is the default mail box if a msg cannot be sorted into one of
the other mail boxes. The out has all the msgs I have sent out.

When I pickup my incoming mail, the program transfers all the mail to my
computer and as soon as tranfer is over, the program looks at the header
info in each e-mail and sorts them in the above mailboxes and if they cannot
be specifically identified and sorted the are deposited in the In box.

So as soon as I download all msgs, the first thing I look into are the msgs
which are in the In mailbox, which has all the msgs which may require
immediate attention. When time permits I look at other mailboxes and in some
of them I don't even read any of the msg, just look at the subject and see
if interests me. If for example there is a lot of interesting conversation
going on relating to Theosophy, then the second mail box I will be looking
into will be Theosophy mailbox.

I guess the above gives some flavor of how the *filter* capability works.

	Peace to all living entities.

	M K Ramadoss
	4203 Gardendale, Suite 226
	San Antonio TX 78229-3137
	(210) 615-7373
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