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Unconditional love

Nov 03, 1997 07:30 AM
by Nicole Suter

(> Why should one love unconditionally without self-interest?)

To Titus: "It can sometimes mean releasing a person who needs to
experience life's lessons elsewhere, but wishing them the best."

That's a very good sample.

"Sometimes it means adopting a stern countenance,"

I first try it gently, but sometimes one comes accross persons, who
seem only to understand rougher tones and others seem to understand
nothing at all because they don't wish to.

 "but without hate"

I thought about what hate might be and think it's root's are a very
disappointed form of love which turned into a "sickness" called
"hate". Therfore I watch the disappointments live gives to me at
it's very beginning and ask myself why do I feel disappointed about
something. In most cases it ends up with an outburst of laughter
about myself!

"It definitely doesn't imply being a doormat."

No, that would be the contrary of it.

"Sometimes a lesson has to be salted, not sugared!"

I don't feel that I am able to give lessons to somebody else at all.



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