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Re: Unconditional love

Oct 31, 1997 04:34 PM
by Titus Roth

Nicole wrote:

> People who seem to be able to love unconditionally do seem a little
> obsessed.


> Why should one love unconditionally without self-interest?

I'm 100% sure of your point, but maybe the following addresses it ...

I can't claim to love unconditionally, but I think I have witnessed something
close to it, which doesn't resemble the sentimentalized versions you sometimes
see caricatured. It can sometimes mean releasing a person who needs to
experience life's lessons elsewhere, but wishing them the best. Sometimes it
means adopting a stern countenance, but without hate. It definitely doesn't
imply being a doormat.

I had read of an incident where Yogananda was pacing back and forth,
reprimanding a student. When he faced the student, he looked stern, but while
walking away others saw his face soften and he winked, as if to say,
"Sometimes a lesson has to be salted, not sugared!"

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