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Re: Cremation and Roman Catholic Church

Nov 01, 1997 10:03 AM
by kymsmith

Doss contributed a news article:

>   Historically the church opposed cremation, though it granted
>permission in 1963 as long as it was not understood as a sign denying
>Christian teaching, especially about what the Apostles' Creed calls
>resurrection of the body.

This is a bit confusing.  If one really believes that the body is
resurrected, how can one endorse cremation?  And how does the declaration
that it is not a "denial" or evasion of "Christian teaching" make it all

>   All the while, cremation has become a widely practiced option
>among  Catholics. The Cremation Association of America says about 30
>percent of Catholic funerals now include cremation.

I have always found it interesting how one can belong to a faith - such as
Catholicism - and yet "go against" some of the most fundamental teachings,
such as: cremation; abortion; divorce; birth control, etc. . .

What do they think?  I wonder if they think that perhaps God is more
understanding then the Church?  That's a positive sign.  I wonder if it's a
case of simply wanting to belong?  I know that some Catholics, after having
an abortion or violating some other Church law, live with the belief they
are going to hell, but hold on to a chance of salvation by just ending up in
purgatory.  To live with such a fear, to me, is terrible. . .what kind of a
life can one really have fearing such a destiny?  Some have mused that
humanity needs threats of such destinies (karma would fall into this
category) to keep itself from living lives of complete debauchery.  Hmmm.   

Anyway, I wonder if most Catholics, and every other faith and denomination,
know the "belief system" in which they consider themselves belonging to.  To
say "I am a Catholic" or "I am a Muslim" is to say something about yourself.
. .or is it?

"I am a theosophist one day, and something else the next day" - yes, I guess
that does say something about who I think I am. . .it's going to be a long


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