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Re: Advanced

Sep 30, 1997 03:09 PM
by kymsmith

JRC wrote:

>On a serious note, I'm curious about opinions on the list ....
>1. What *is* "advanced"?

To me, the word advanced really wouldn't apply to what it means to be
"advanced." I think a being who is "advanced" has simply remembered from
whence they "come," and have re-recognized the divinity within themselves
and in all.

>2. By what outward signs would you recognize "advancement"?

I personally tend to see "advancement" as an unassuming compassion, an
empathy (not sympathy or pity) for all, and the ability to bring back to
life the happiness and contentment buried within us.  But I also side with
the Dalai Lama in that an "advanced" being could reincarnate into anything
that would help humanity - be it a dog, tree, bug, gorilla. . . So to apply
"human attributes" to a being which is "advanced" may be in grave error.

>3. Do you need to *be* "advanced" to recongize "advancement"?

Hmmm, a being always knows when they are in the presence of a "holy" being -
Attila the Hun would have recognized it.  We are recognizing who we really
are in the presence of that "holy" being - and sometimes it's scary.  But
humans, animals, trees, flowers, etc. . .all know when they are in the
presence of a being who is "advanced."

Thanks, JRC!  It felt good to stop and really think. . .a bit painful at
first, though.


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