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Farsightedness of TS Objective

Sep 26, 1997 05:29 AM
by ramadoss

When I watched the celebration of the school desegregation in Arkansas
yesterday, I recognized the farsightedness of the Founders when they
launched TS and the First Object was formulated. In the society of the day,
in 1875 it should have taken a great foresight to come up with the First
Object and a great conviction on the part of HPB and Olcott to commit their
lives to communicate to the world.

One of the little known service that TS in India was TS lodges were at the
forefront of defacto "desegregation" in associations. Many of those not
belonging to the elite Brahmin class found that TS lodges were the one place
they were truly treated as a Brother/Sister and it attracted quite a few to
the membership of the TS.

100 years later, can TS come up with an equally foresighted vision? Who
knows? What is in the works guided by those Wise Guardians, is only known to
Them and I think we all should keep our minds open looking for clues. They
may use TS or may have even chartered another organization to further Their
Plans. Who knows?

Just a thought.


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