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Karma/Past Life

Sep 24, 1997 09:36 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I've always been torn between two ideas regarding this matter.  One the
one hand, I would like to believe that we reincarnate, but of that I'm not
entirely sure.  If we do, which is possible, I don't think karma chooses
for us, I think we make the choice ourSelves.  One the other hand, I have
an idea that we don't reincarnate in the way that many believe.  It is
quite possible that past life experiences are innate feeling because they
are genetic hand-me-downs.

As Annette, I am sure, will agree, we have memories of our ancestors
available to us as long as we know how to unlock them.  Ann referred to
this once, I think as the Knowledge, or Memories, of The People, in the
Celtic Traditions.  It is possible that the genes which carry this
information lie dormant in some, and active in others, so that after years
and years, one person finally comes along in just the right circumstances
and has flashes of being someone else.

The two theories are equally believable, but I feel that the latter is
much more ...proveable?  


On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Nicole Suter wrote:
> To Vincent: "As a child I was aware of having three past lives, which came
> to me as innate knowledge and also some visual recollections. I have never
> found any true
> evidence that my life is ruled by those past lives."...
> You speek out of my soul here - I see it exactly the same way.
> "This is a disturbing feature of "Karma"; that emnity from past life
> events can be echoed in the present, and in this mans case he was nearly
> complelled to repeat his complete actions".
> Could you please help me here, I have difficutlies to understand this. If you
> see it the way you do write in the first sample, where does the echo come from?
> Nicole Suter

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