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Re: New Age defended

Sep 24, 1997 01:22 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-09-24 15:53:56 EDT, you write:

>Last year someone here made a reference to "plebeian New Agers"
>as a group that Theosophists had every right to look down on.
>I think that conveys an all-too-prevalent attitude.  While
>Theosophists are busy looking down on seekers, other more
>welcoming groups are drawing them in.

To call New Agers plebian is a compliment they do not deserve.  They are not
seekers, they are idiots!  And any group that wants strange people with 200
crystals and who pray for them, or thinks that patterns seen as the result of
oxygen starvation can save the world and solve the problem of creation itself
is more than welcome to them.  We have our share of bores and nuts in
Theosophy, and we may get very impatient with them, but in my experience
Theosophists, for all their obstinacy, tend to have working brains and even
manage to use them.

I may get madder'n hell at my brethren and sistern in the TS and occasionally
go out of my way to tweak them, but I'll take a room full of Theosophists
over the sort of crackpots and loonies that one finds at the local crystal
emporium any day.  For all our stodginess and antiquated literature, we have
not lost our critical faculties.

Which, is, incidentally, why most of the people in the Chicago area magickal
community have been in or are involved in or with the TS in some capacity or

Chuck the Heretic

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