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Re: Karma and the Victorian Mind

Sep 24, 1997 01:18 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-09-24 13:35:44 EDT, you write:

>	I have noted that there has been no arbitrary (as opposed to with
>cause) TS bashing on this list, lately. I assume that your initial
>statement (about the New Age reaching TSA) was not arbitrary, but it
>WOULD help to know what you are talking about.


You really don't want to know about this one.  Every once in a while a dud of
a speaker slips in and every once in a while a genuine nutcase slips in.  But
rarely do they use the nutcase for part of a full page ad in a local new-age
paper to bring people in to the TS.

Chuck the Heretic

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