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Re: on Rules and Yoga

Sep 24, 1997 10:07 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

A. Safron wrote:

> IMHO he was rejecting the TS at that point in time.  It was getting pretty wild with
> CWL running around in a purple dress, initiations being handed out willy-nilly,
> and everyone expecting K to give them enlightenment.  No wonder he ran for
> hills.  If he did reject "all" organizations, it was on the basis of what he'd
> already experienced.

	True. I, however, like to make the following comparison: If you live
in, say, New York City, and wish to climb Mt. Everest, a ship won't take
you to the top. But it can be very useful in getting you close enough
that you can actually try. Now, Krishnamurti is sort of like a guy who
swam the Atlantic Ocean by himself, made the trek all the way to Mt.
Everest, and then climbed it. He says, "You don't need any vehicles to
climb Mt. Everest, and no vehicle will get you to the top of Mt.
Everest." This does not mean that a vehicle can't be extremely helpful
in getting you part, or even most, of the way there. 

	It is probably true: no organization will give you enlightenment. But
an organization can very well help you get close enough that you CAN go
the rest of the way yourself, even if you're not a Krishnamurti.

	Bart Lidofsky

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