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Re: Mother Theresa lands in Hell

Sep 23, 1997 05:44 AM
by A. Safron

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> Subject: Mother Theresa lands in Hell
> Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 10:26 PM
>snippy >
> >Speculation varies as to what could have caused such a miscarriage of
> >heavenly justice. While some contend that Mother Teresa's policy of not
> >administering medication to the sick and dying in her clinics may have
> >caused some in Heaven to doubt her true compassion, others believe that
> >her constant speeches against birth control--a contributing factor to
> >mass overpopulation, poverty and starvation throughout the Third
> >World--may be to blame.

This is where I agree with you.  Anyone who promotes the Roman Catholic
Doctrine has rocks in their head.  While the Popes and Bishops live in  the
old Vatican splendor under Michelangelo's painting, they exhort the poor to
make more poor.  Are they planning some holy war and need fresh troops?
Keep the people's minds off of thinking for themselves by being busy with
twelve starving children?

Never paid much attention to Mother Teresa, except for pics in the paper, but
I sure did notice those ultra-conservative Cathollic raps she put out whenever
she got the chance.

A. Safron

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