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Collective Karma

Sep 22, 1997 05:41 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>This is intriguing. Would you agree that perhaps collective karma limits
>and governs the operation of personal karma (and probably even the timing
>of it)? In other words, nothing can happen on the level of personal karma
>that is not within what is possible under collective karma. Just a

Lynn, your idea is not quite true. We are, in fact, more than human,
and so can out-distance our collective karma--which is, after all, the
karma of this human lifewave. Remember the so-called six-rounders
and seventh-rounders? These folks can get outside of our collective
karma, and thus can help alter it. It is hard to change from within.
Like the 100th Monkey Effect, once some human does something,
it becomes possible for all to do it. However, even six-rounders (Adepts) 
must succumb to collective karma to some degree, because they are 
human, after all.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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