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Karma--to Dennis

Sep 22, 1997 05:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>... I reply: I believe you are
>mistaken, Jerry.  Karma does (and must) account for everything that
>But personal karma, being much more limited in scope, does not (and often
>can not).  ...

Dennis, my whole point with "collective karma" is that it is virtually
indistinquishable from "God's will."  If you don't think so, then 
please try to tell me the difference. When you say that karma
covers everything, then you are echoing the Christian idea that
every leaf that falls is in God's loving hands. What's the difference?
We have no control over either God's will or collective karma, and
so I refer to both as the Chaos Factor, because I have to
acknowledge that *something* is there, but I don't really know what
it is. Personally, the notion that I did something wrong in a past
life that I am unconsciously suffering for now is anathema to me
(all animal and child training agrees that punishment or reward
must be immediate and consistant in order for learning to take
place--no damn wonder we have been evolving for so many eons).
Also, the idea that God is in full control of what I see going on
in this world is anathema to me (I think I could do a better job).

Jerry S.
Member TI

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