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Lesson 2: God's favorite foods

Sep 20, 1997 11:52 PM
by kymsmith

Dennis wrote:

>There is an interesting Biblical verse (Genesis 4:9) wherein Cain
>asks God: "... am I my brother's keeper?"  Since God elected not to answer
>Cain directly I will be so bold as to do so (no flames, please). "Yes, Cain,
>you ARE your brother's keeper ... and so is everybody else!"

"No flames," he says.  Well, then, a question - does putting words in "God's
mouth" in order to prove a point fall into the category of. . .well. .

And, I never did get that "Cain and Abel" story.  Why was God ticked off at
Cain? Cain brought the fruit of his harvest to God, just as his brother Abel
brought meat from his flock.  Cain wasn't being naughty or selfish; there's
no mention of Cain bringing a small amount or rotten fruit, or anything like
that.  All I can figure is, maybe, God didn't like fruits and vegetables (I
can see where God is coming from there).  However, God didn't need to get so
rude to Cain.  If I was Cain, I'd have been peeved also.  I'm not saying
Cain should have slew Abel - that was terrible.  But this is another story
that, to me, makes God look, yet again, like a loon.


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