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Re: Karma and "blaming the victim"

Sep 18, 1997 00:39 AM
by kymsmith

Titus wrote:

>> DSArthur wrote:
>>> Still, in order to protect my "perfect universe" concept, I am compelled to
>>> conclude that all of the individuals involved got precisely (no more, no
>>> less) "what was coming to them."
>Though I wouldn't choose those words, I basically agree.  This doesn't justify
>a karmic pawn like Hitler.  "It must needs be that offenses come, but woe to
>the man by whom the offense cometh."

This reasoning, to me, seems a vicious circle.  If it "must" be that
offenses come, then someone "has" to be the 'person by whom the offense
cometh.'  As in the Judas analogy, if Judas had not turned Jesus in - Jesus
would not be venerated as he is, for he is supposed to "have died for our
sins" and then "resurrected;" consequently, this act "cleansed" us, dangled
the carrot of "eternal life" in front of our noses, and provided fodder for
some pretty gruesome, and treasured, artwork for the churches.  To me, cold,
rational thought would say that Judas was/is as much responsible for
'redeeming' the world as Jesus was/is.

HPB, along with many others, has made references to the "ancestors" of the
Jewish race as being little more than rebellious teenagers when it was
decided to implement the "Greater Plan."  Seems the Individuals, from whence
the Jewish race is supposed to have come, wanted to go their own way. .
.didn't want to join the club.  So, due to this, I guess, it has been
necessary for the Jews to get a clue regarding the error of their ways, and
the Holocaust was one way to tap them on the shoulder.  So, does that mean
Hitler HAD to be, and if so, then why should Hitler be so hated?  Was Hitler
not simply doing what had to be done - helping the Jews come back to the
nest?  If not him, wouldn't it have had to be someone else?

I guess my point is: if we can really say that we all get what we deserve,
how can we then judge those who are part of fulfilling the lessons of karma?

Maybe my hat of aluminum foil is getting its signals mixed up - but I can't
accept this theory of karma anymore than I can accept a pound of purple poo
as a Christmas gift.  It just doesn't fit.


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