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Mirror, mirror. . .

Sep 16, 1997 01:02 PM
by kymsmith

DSArthur wrote:

>Still, in order to protect my <perfect universe>
>concept, I am compelled to conclude that all of the individuals involved got
>precisely (no more, no less) "what was coming to them."  

I fear, Dennis, that the need "to protect [your] perfect universe" may be
leading you down the path of indifference.

Not one of us knows, absolutely, that people get "what is coming to them."
And, since we don't know this, is it wise to adopt the philosophy that
people get "what is coming to them?"  What will this philosophy do to our
psyche?  How do we use this philosophy to enlarge our compassion?

And, god forbid, what if we are WRONG?  What if there is no such thing as
karma? What if we are at the mercy of the cosmos much more than we believe?
That should make us buddy-up all the more, I would think.

I ask this - those of you who believe that people get what's coming to them,
or somehow send messages that say "rape me" - what would you say to a
person, who, after finding out you or a loved one was raped, robbed, killed,
etc. . ., piped off to you "Sorry, but, alas, it was your/their karma?"  


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