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Re: grrrh

Sep 15, 1997 05:54 PM
by libidia

> Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 07:29:03 -0500
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> Subject: A discussion with Krishnaji
> Message-ID: <>
> Here is an interesting discussion that took place couple of years before
> Krishnaji died.
> mkr
O.K. Ramadoss, I'm going to let you have it - right between the eyes
(hey that's an interesting expression, probably meaning getting you in
the third eye rather than "bullet to the brain").  I've just got in from
an exhausting day in the corporate unreality and rushed to my computer
with glee to read the group's latest debates and WHAT DO I GET?  A
looooong, round in circles lecture by some guy who was, no doubt about
it, spiritually developed and insightful, well educated and groomed for
leadership, who eventually walked away into his own separateness. 
Note bene Doss, I asked you, the person you, the bundle of energies and
thoughts you, a couple of questions.  Did you give me what I wanted? 
Nooooo.  I wanted connection, communication, maybe an explosion of
passion in your words as you told of your experiences with the bliss of
your journey.  Hell, I wanted sharing.  You gave me Krishnaji.

Well, here's what I say to you:
1.  K could have and did say everything required in the last paragraph
(and I don't have the incentive to re-read the middle)
 2.  K may not have meant to "toy" with his student throughout the
debate but he did.  
3.  Answering a question with a question is a solid way of getting the
student involved in the process of learning (which is only a process of
releasing the knowledge already within) but there's a much kinder way of
doing it, such as " I understand why you use the word problem, it's
quite common to think of life and death like that in the beginning, but
stop a minute, clear your thinking and consider this ........."
4.  K didn't connect with his "student" (or me), it was all cerebral, in
one ear and out the other
Need I say more, you get where I'm coming from.  No, you don't have to
tell me I've got the wrong idea, that I'm still in the physical, way off
base, eons away from true enlightenment.  I've got a guy right here who
tells me that every day.

But I'll share with you something that I know is "truth" (whether you
want to be shared with or not!).  This weekend a young man of my long
aquaintance started to break through the "barrier" of the material world
existence and felt adrift, out of control, lacking in his old "I know it
all" self confidence and we talked for some time.  I said a lot (as you
know full well I can), some of which may be seeds that will help him
find a new direction, BUT the most important thing I did was not with my
intellect.  I GAVE HIM A HUG.

Every so often, during my studies, my husband appears with a massive
theosophical book.  This is how it goes:  He reads me what theosophy
says on the subject I am contemplating.  I say "that's interesting,
Pete.  What the hell does it mean?" He answers with a question.  My
blood pressure rises.  He says I'm not understanding.  I say, "try it in
25 words or less".  He walks away.
Don't do this to me Doss.  I never walk away (and I don't mean just

I ask you again.  Have *you* experienced Nirvana?
(and why have you taken the place of my husband in the communication
sphere in the moment?  I'm p'd off with myself.  this goes against all
my new principles.)

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