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Sep 12, 1997 05:40 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "A. Safron"
<> writes
>My one male cat was hit by a car and died.  There was another
>black longhair female that always buddied around with this cat.
>The next day I came home with the female standing in the attic
>window making terrible sad meows.  She knew he was gone.
>Later you could tell by the look on her face, as she sat on my lap.
>But now she's an independent cat and goes her own way.  
I once had a cat (called "Yetzirah" or "Yetzi-puss" for short) who died
age nine from cat 'flu.  Her son ("Pip") kept lookng at her (we didn't
see her) for about three days.  He also coveted her favorite chair, but
every time he tried to get on it he looked round with a startled look
and changed his mind.  One day he looked round, showed surprise, and
claimed the chair.


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