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Re: Karma & Rules

Sep 13, 1997 03:05 AM
by Douwe Boschma

Dear Lynn

I don't have much time to write, because I will fly to Greece in a
couple of hours, so that I still have to arrange some of my things
at home.
But still I'd like to answer your question very quickly.

You asked what Darshan meant... Darshan is a impression of Buddha.
One would feel Darshan after having been in His Radiation, you could
compare it a bit to being touched by the Spiritus Sanctum.
In this Radiation you will be able to recognize the Original state
of being, it is as if you are taken up in Pleroma for a while, from
which you can come to different conclusions concerning your life.
It is  an overshadowing of Divine radiation, that makes the seed in
your heart, 'the spark', resonate accordingly, so that the divine 'rose' may
envelope from it and spread its golden scent trough your blood, so
that you will change accordingly.
It is as being Baptized with the holy ghost.

Something like this happened to Paul on his way to Damascus, and you
may read about this when you study the lifes of people likeBoehme, for

>>It is eazy to mis interpretate this, so that you might believe that
>>you just need to have a 'absence' of karma before you die living, but
>>it is just the other way around, you die living, ant then there will
>>be 'absence' of karma.
>Fascinating. Could you explain this a bit more?

This being touched by the Holy Ghost, will take you up in a
different sphere, which is not of this world.
When your divine spark will ignite up accordingly, you will feel the
radiation of 'the other', being present in your blood, and so in
your whole system.
Living from this, you will be able to be focussed on it all the
time, in whatever you do, and your actions will start to alter
In this sence you will not act from your own desires and your own will
anymore, but from a original way of being, so that you will by complete
selflessness have less friction with this world, and create less
karma accordingly.
Like this you have died towards this nature, because you will
fundamentally be of
the other nature, and being of the Other Nature you will not cause
much karma anymore.

The other way around you will always create karma (as someone else
on the list commented rightly), you try to 'be not', but still you
are, because you cannot stop your will from willing with your will.
For as long as you are part of this nature you will create karma,
even when you don't want to create karma.
Like this you end up in a endless cycle.
You may try to have less karma (which you can do successfully to
some extent) but you will never be able to be without karma, because
you are still rooted in this nature (connect yourself to your higher
self), and not in the Other One.
So to come back to the answer of the question:

Abcense of karma in this life is impossible, you first will have to find
the Other Life trough the Spark of Divine heritage before you will be able to turn yourself away from this
world and its karmic bond.

I would have liked to be a bit more precise, but time is hunting me, I have
to pack some bags within 15 minutes from now, before I go to

My best regards,


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