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Re: Blavatsky on the Internet

Sep 11, 1997 01:31 PM
by Tim Maroney

>Finally the magnum opus of HPB is On-line (1st instalment). I am sure HPB
>(whereever she is now) (and the Real Authors) will be delighted to see it
>available for "Free" on the Internet. 

This sounds great, and kudos are due to all involved. Text in electronic 
form is great for research purposes but it's not always easy to get it 
into that form. TUP has always kept the prices reasonable on SD when a 
lot of publishers would have charged a lot more, and this is a wonderful 
next step. Let's hope to see much more Blavatsky, Sinnett, Olcott and so 
forth on the net as they become available in the public domain. (Actually 
all of HPB is PD now; I'd have to check on some of the rest, but 
generally speaking anything before 1912 is definitely unenforceable.)

What I would consider a wonderful research resource would be on-line 
copies of "Lucifer" and "The Theosophist", which I have had a hard time 
getting my little paws upon.

Tim Maroney

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