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Ugly Karma

Sep 11, 1997 12:52 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Your paragraph, Jerry, is to me, an example of how easy it is for the 
>"karma theory" to get ugly.

You are quite right, it does get ugly. Nevertheless, there is
some truth to it. You have to realize that this theory has the
underlying assumption of telepathic contact between all
people in our life-wave. Also, the "victim mentality" is
entirely unconscious--sometimes called subconscious or
below the level of normal consciousness. The victim is
not usually aware of their inner desires. But (and here is the
real rub) he or she can be. As we progress in meditiation, we
come to broaden our focus of consciousness so that much
of what is normally unconscious is lying at the peripheral part
of our awareness. This is often called intuition, and if we listen,
we can often know consciously what is going on around us.
This kind of intuitive knowledge can be used to avoid airplanes
that intend to crash, for example. It can be used to avoid
places where muggers lurk, and so on. We all have "victim
mentality" to a degree just as we all have a life wish and a
death wish (listen carefully, and you can hear them vying
for power). But we are only victims so long as these things
remain unconscious to us. In this way (which is, after all, a
type of "magic") we can prod our karmic destiny into self-
directed channels, rather than simply being blown around
like a dry leaf in a high wind.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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