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theos-l-digest 1235

Sep 11, 1997 08:12 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Jerry Schueler re: Rules & Karma:

Thank you for your explanantions. Who is G de Purucker?
When I finish the thinking of him then God must be karma.
I simply seem to be too silly to understand this - sorry. I agree
with cosmic laws (including chains).

Did you notice the "placebo-effect" in the words of "good morning
Mr. X, it is a wonder that you are still alive, according to our medical
tests you are supposed to have died two month ago" ... does have?
This really happened and the patient died two months later!!

Of course cosmic laws crosses the planes but it is your job to win
control over your thought processes as it also was your job as a child
to win control over your body. To me, the rest sounds like the
"question of guilt at the cross" or like these parts of the indish peoples
who say "I sit still, I endure the pain, I can't change anything - its
all due to karma". A way of lazyness which I never could stand at

Why should only a high Adept be able to figure out what karma is -
(if they are high Adepts they mightn't have any at all)?

To Chuck the Heretic re: ghouls an yucky stuff

This is very interesting what you write here! Least but not last I
have something to "mediate" about!

Nicole Suter

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