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Re: Webs, HTML & Wordperfect

Sep 10, 1997 05:29 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Jerry Schueler <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Webs, HTML & Wordperfect
> Date: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 3:47 PM
> Doss, I use Wordperfect 8.0 to initially flesh out web pages. But it
> has drawbacks when it comes to fine-tuning. So, after using Wordperfect
> to get a broad-brush picture of a web site, I get the fine details using
> plain 
> ol' HTML in my web designer program. To do a really nice web page,
> you still pretty much need to know the language (I know just enough
> to be dangerous).
Jerry, I know HTML and always say that cult committed suicide in 
California not because of flying saucers comin' to take them away, but
because they made a living out of writing web pages.  It is VERY
stressful, at least for me.  If you know enough to be dangerous, you
are probably most dangerous to  yourself. :-)

A. Safron

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