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Way showers

Sep 10, 1997 04:31 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>SIDE NOTE: I find it interesting, though - many people automatically think
>that since someone is so loved by "the masses," his/her message or works are
>somehow lacking.  If one is so loved by so many, they've got to be on the
>wrong path. . .isn't the "path" supposed to be full of suffering and
>self-denial. . .one isn't supposed to have a good time. . .one can't
>possibly be a "Way-shower" if it seems they haven't, at least, missed a
>meal. . .

Which idea is bovine excrement ...

OTOH, Diana *did* suffer - from Bulimia (*after* her marriage) which is
an excruciating from of self-denial.  There are more ways of suffering
than physical poverty, and Diana did not promote the dogma of unlimited
lack of birth control, which to the extent it is successful, produces a
great many poor and physically suffering souls, who, in India, are
reportedly sometimes sold for evil purposes.


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