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Rules & Karma

Sep 10, 1997 01:29 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> can not understand what you are trying to say here. Why do you
>depart karma? Is there also a psychical karma then? Where do
>both start and end? Somehow this sounds as if a doctor does say
>to his cancer-patient "good morning Mr. X, it is a wonder that you are
>still alive, according to our medical tests you are supposed to
>have died two month ago" ...
>Nicole Suter

Nicole, according to G de Purucker, and probably others,
there is a physical karma acting on the physical plane,
an astral karma acting on the astral plane, a mental
karma acting on the mental plane, and so on. There is
even a spiritual karma which acts on the spiritual plane.

Doctors do not acknowledge the cosmic planes, let alone
karma. But they do understand the importance of attitude
and beliefs in the healing process. It is well known, for
example, that doctors in white coats who have an air of
expertise and infalibility have better healing records than
doctors who dress in a business suit and who try to be 
friendly or who acknowlege their falibility (though personally
I prefer the latter). Also, the placebo effect is well known, 
although little understood, in medical science.

Obviously karma crosses the planes and mental karma
(which steer our thought processes) can affect our body,
and vice versa. It is all very complicated, and I suspect
that only high Adepts can figure it all out.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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