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Criminals & Victims

Sep 10, 1997 01:38 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> I have pondered over this issue of one person killing another. From a
>practical point of view, the act however disgusting and immoral etc etc, I
>think one should look at the consequences that follow. The person who is
>killed, has no more problems. Usually a number of others, primarily
>in many cases others who depend on the person who is killed have to live
>with the result of the sudden removal of the person. And the effects --
>sufferings and problems may last a long time for the living. I think this
>where the real issue of Karma seems to come up. Just a thought.

There may be more to it than that, Doss. In psychology, it is well
known that some people have a "victim mentality." If we all truly
communicate telepathically, then it just could be that a victim
sends out thoughts about wanting to die, and these are picked
up by a would-be mugger or murderer who is then subconsciously
drawn to the victim and commits the crime. Same could be true
with rape. It is a possibility worth considering, but whatever the
case, the karma is all the same, and the telepathy is more in the 
nature of methodology. In each case, we have to ask "why" such
and such a person? Why that night? Why me? etc.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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