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Sexuality and Life Waves from Planets

Sep 09, 1997 10:18 AM

> But women are from Venus and men are from Mars and gays, well, I humbly must 

> say we come from very advanced esoteric planets :)  just joking!


A. Safron

Short response: No, Puto (hablas espanol?)

Long:  I have long suggested on this list that karma, evolution, after death 
states, pre-birth states and the elements of reincarnation are far more 
complex than has been stated in the literature (by the more obvious writers 
and commentators, not necessarily HPB).  If each planet has seven levels of 
evolutions from physical to mental to spiritual as each individual does, isn't 
it likely that these are combined as in sexual procreation or recombinant DNA 
to stretch for an anlogy!!

In other words if life waves are coming from various "planets" not the 
physcial globes, but the whole idea of chains and rounds and races in 
evolution, then isn't it likely that we are all mixtures of the total karma of 
the human race, the earth, the solar system, the galaxies and the parallel 

Yes we might have a sutratama or necklace where are lives are strung like 
beads on a chain (that chain again!), but that we aren't such precious 
individual representations, no more that earth is special or our sun.

The exoteric religions use the idea of the individual soul to beat their 
followers into fear of eternal states of hell.  The real reason is to provide 
social cohesion (at the best) and dictatorship at its worst!

Thus men, women, gays, lesbians, and transgenders are all crazy mixed up 
conglomerations of spirals and cycles of evolution that the rational mind can 
only glimpse throught the intuition (in my humble opionion) and not pin it all 
down like a dead butterfly!

But if I was a butterfly, I would like to be one of those giant cobalt blue! 
Wouldn't you?

Namaste - Have a nice day, like Sondra Raye, Louise Haye and Doris Day
Keith Price

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