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Violent Women - Hell hath no fury!

Sep 06, 1997 02:58 PM

Ergo, most of us (women) have given some power/sexism
"abuse".  Sooner or later, depending on what lifetime we're on, we
realize that we are manifesting these situations and back off, but on
the days we are tired or jealous or uninspired, we lash out at what we
"feel" constantly as this dictatorial implicit power/domination thing,
thinking, "why is it always I who have to

I've waited a long time for "the masculinity" to catch up again on the
learning curve and join the "feminity" and have no desire to put that in
jeapordy again.  However.......
I am Eagle ......... watch me soar
I am Warrior ......... hear me roar
I am Mother .......  join with me
I am You ..........  let me BE

And "hell" really does have no fury like a woman's scorn (or a woman
spurned, or a woman ignored, or a woman threatened, or a woman "you name
it" if it's opposite to Love".)

Keith:  I am jumping in in the middle of this, but I want to share my personal 
experience with women executives.  I was at my last job for five years, as 
long as I acted like an obedient son, things were smooth.  I let it be known 
that I wondered why the husband of the woman CEO was not in any real power.  
There is more to it of course, but what I found was that women create a real 
network that is more like a spider web!  There was a whole system of middle 
management women who did nothing but spy and rat on people and get together 
with Ms. CEO and say: "bubble bubble, toil and trouble to all you stupid men 
who can only talk about sports!"

I am sorry.  But women can wear the pants, but they still get together and 
compare notes which are more often about feelings than empiracal data.  I hope 
I am accussed of sexism, because I am often its victim being gay.

But women are from Venus and men are from Mars and gays, well, I humbly must 
say we come from very advanced esoteric planets :)  just joking!

Keith Price

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