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Re: Tom and his evil feminists (again)

Sep 05, 1997 07:47 PM
by Tom Robertson

Tim wrote:

>These mistaken ideas need to be explored and defused, but the 
>way to do this is not to come across as a vicious enemy of the liberation 
>of women, as you do.

This is analogous to your being interested in race issues, subscribing
to a discussion list, saying that black people are more susceptible to
having sickle-cell anemia than are white people, and having 90% of
those on the discussion list call you a racist, without ever
considering the possibility that what you said might be true, and
then, when you defended yourself, trying to find out what they meant
by the word "racist," the best answer you got is when someone chided
you for coming across as a vicious enemy of the liberation of black
people.  I predict you will experience something like that soon, since
it is now your karma.

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