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Re: Tom and his evil feminists (again)

Sep 05, 1997 07:47 PM
by Tom Robertson

A. Safron wrote:

>> >The belief in its insignificance is based on the idea
>> >that male violence towards women is far more of a problem than
>> >anything feminism has caused.

>This is so glaringly obvious, that it looks like the Hollywood
>sign on the famous hill.  

Even though my asking will probably do nothing but add to the
perception of me as "a vicious enemy of the liberation of women," even
though, depending on what liberation is supposed to be from, most of
them don't even want to be liberated, on what do you base that?

And I hope you're not implying that you believe that men are
physically stronger than women are.  You don't want to be as sexist as
I am, do you?

>Who beat you up, Tom?  Physically and/or emotionally.

I've neither been beaten up nor have I had my way paid for me due to
my sexual attractiveness.

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