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Re: HPB and Mormons

Sep 05, 1997 03:48 PM
by Tim Maroney

>From a historical point of view, it would be interesting to find out if
>there was anything anywhere which gives us a clue to why HPB took the
>trouble to travel to Salt Lake City. I wonder whether we will ever find out
>anything at all.

There might be something in personal notebooks; HPB was a spotty but 
active diarist during this period, as revealed by the passages she showed 
to the Countess Wachtmeister. These would be in the Adyar Archives if 
anywhere but I believe those are only open to those who are doctrinally 
in good odor with the management (which would let me out as I prefer to 
try to express the truth as I see it.) I agree with you that this is an 
interesting question and I wish there were more research trying to 
reconstruct HPB's mysterious early travels.

Tim Maroney

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