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Re: Rules

Sep 04, 1997 05:10 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Titus Roth <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Re: Rules
> Date: Thursday, September 04, 1997 6:46 PM
> "A. Safron" <> wrote:
> > I've been burnt like a weinie at a barbecue and as for wrong choices,
> > I fear it is just the act of making a choice that gets one burnt.
> Please know, Ann, that the following are my sincere thoughts and come
> side-by-side with sympathy for your "burns". I'm not trying to trivialize any
> heavy circumstances you have endured, speak from a soap box, or be a
> Pollyanna.
> To say that we are condemned to be burned by the mere act of making any choice
> is a little too gloomy and fatalistic for me. 

How old are you?  I'm 48 and the older I get the more bitter endings I endure by
authority figures whose agenda was more important than mine.  They make
promises they can't keep and keep you in a servile position, especially if you're
a woman.

I still stand by my position that the only supportive Love and Light is within.
The Soul will never abandon you till death, because it is the one that created
you to act in the game of life.  All other characters you meet on the game
board are there to play out their script, even if means your burning.

A. Safron

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