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Re: Rules

Sep 04, 1997 04:46 PM
by Titus Roth

"A. Safron" <> wrote:

> I've been burnt like a weinie at a barbecue and as for wrong choices,
> I fear it is just the act of making a choice that gets one burnt.

Please know, Ann, that the following are my sincere thoughts and come
side-by-side with sympathy for your "burns". I'm not trying to trivialize any
heavy circumstances you have endured, speak from a soap box, or be a

To say that we are condemned to be burned by the mere act of making any choice
is a little too gloomy and fatalistic for me.  For one thing, I know of many
counter examples; for another, there has to be something more than perpetual
burning in store for us.

> The only true path is within, where the fire and flame never burns, but
> ignites the flame of the heart.

The path within is what animates the outer life, but is the outer life just a
meaningless appendage? It is to build a structure for the inner life. The way
from fire to light is through the fire.


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