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Black Holes, White Holes & Laya Centers

Sep 03, 1997 12:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Dennis, I enjoyed your comments on Black Holes. But I
can't agree with everything (so what else is new? :-) )

A Black Hole takes in matter and gives off radiation and
heat (at least according to Steven Hawking--personally
I don't follow all the math). This is my definition of a device
that converts matter to energy (alias spirit). If they exist,
then their polar counterparts--White Holes-- must also
exist. White Holes would give off matter and take in radiation
and heat, just the opposite of Black Holes. If we allow
that this is so, then I can't help but see a mighty large
connection between White Holes and HPB's laya
centers. According to HPB, a laya center is a dimensionless
point in space through which passes the higher substances
into matter (these being spiritual, causal, mental, astral,
and etheric substances). HPB says (somewhere?) that
all matter gets to the physical plane via these laya centers.
Although she never mentions the opposite journey (at
least I can't find any good quotes) I have to assume that
they exist--i.e., that black holes convert matter into
spirit. Something to think about, anyway.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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