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Re: "sugar highs"

Sep 02, 1997 04:38 PM
by libidia

Titus wrote:

> Assuming a teacher has traveled the long road to spiritual experience, I
> wonder from a strictly pedagogic point of view, how he or she can make a case
> for impulse control and delayed gratification without just saying, "You
> haven't experienced what I'm promising. For now just go through the motions.
> If you do go through the motions with patience, you will see what I mean and
> will thenceforth do it because you want to. Along the way, you will get a few
> signs of encouragement, as well as many opportunities to bail out for easier
> pleasures."
and the rest.......
Oh YEAH.  Exquisitely put Titus.  Hits one on the chin and stays.
Thanks.  Annette

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