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Hi Annette

Sep 02, 1997 11:21 AM
by Estrella

Sorry to post this so late, but seems i erased accidentaly my early
digests, and my server was out when i tried to send you this.
Hi Annette, thanks for the good taughts. Asterix is a comic book
caracter. they had made some pictures of it, i do not know if the
episode "the great travel" they had made it a picture or not. but you
can look for it in a book store. it's great. one of the best comics i've
ever seen. is from France.

Thanks for your comments on my dreams. yes, i think i do dream vividly.
and i love it. is in this way i can reach the persons i love.
I do not know if i do dream astral travel , but i love to think of it
is. I love dreams. speccialy when they are good.
Thanks for your lovely taughts. Yep, i believe Doss needs that wand for
removing the bad vibes in goverment offices.
Hoping to know from you soon

P.S. a big salute from Mexico.

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