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Re: THEOS-BUDS digest 256

Sep 02, 1997 01:29 PM
by ChroniRiggatoni


I am a very recent list member here, and the list seems very quiet. I'm
a little trepidatious about unbridling my enthusiasm, could anyone bring
me up to date a little on Theos-buds discussions, or help direct me to a
Theos-buds archive?

I'm still wondering if the tone of this list is what I had hoped, I see
great promise in having another look at Theosophy through the eyes of
science as it developed after some of HPB's most remarkable writings
(Isis Unveiled, for example), and I was encouraged by seeing Theosphical
websites that referred to the work of David Bohm in this context.

I think we may have at last most of the scientific concepts to do
justice to the *miracuclous* things that Theosophists and Spiritualists
have described, and I am indeed anxious to discuss such matters.

Many thanks.


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