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Re: THEOS-L digest 1208

Sep 01, 1997 10:36 PM
by ChroniRiggatoni


re: DS Arthur's comments I am wondering if anyone has taken to thinking
of a hologram of a black hole being what Paralastor wasps use as the
blueprint for their nests in Rupert Sheldrake's second book on
Morphic/Morphogenetic Feilds.

Or comparing this to the variation on Kirlian photography supposedly
producing a sub-double rather than a phantom, by cutting a hole in the
middle of a leaf. The book is "Vibrational Medicine" or "Vibrational
Healing". The work was supposedly done by Electronographic image author
experimenter, Ion Dumitrescu.

I am also wondering if anyone is familiar with an anecdote that may have
been in "One...Two...Three...Infinity" by George Gamow 
about where Einstein supposedly stood dumbstruck in traffic on having
heard of an idea of Pascal Jordan's that the cosmology could proceed
without *bangs* because a planet could form of "positive and negative
nothingnesses"-or if this is essentially the same as Nikola Tesla's
notorious assertions that planets could form- including artificial ones-
from "aether whirls"? 


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