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Re: The Number 7

Sep 01, 1997 05:48 PM
by Vincent Beall

Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Vincent Beall wrote:
> > If the problem concerns metamathematics which is really very modern, one
> > would consider the null set, however, ancient metaphysics would 'not'
> > presume the null set as it would actually be a consideration of a fouth
> > element. Where one was considering the Hindu G-dhead for instance, the
> > practical aspect of trinity would be lost; the null set would not
> > represent any expression of the G-dhead, where subject of consideration
> > is G-d.
>         Either it's mathematics or it's not. It can't be mathematics, but only
> as it suits oneself; that way leads to the assumption that ego is
> supreme.
>         Bart Lidofsky

Maybe it's just statisical combinations and not set theory.

Think that through.


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