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The August THEOSOPHY WORLD is out

Jul 31, 1997 08:26 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The August issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out. It's contents 

"Other Theosophical Worldviews" by Eldon Tucker
"To Friends of Point Loma Publications" by Carmen Small
"Theosophy: Whence and Whither? Or to Wither."
    by Don DeGracia, Ph.D.
"New Online Book by Theosophical University Press" 
    by Sarah Belle Dougherty
"Theosophy and Modern Art" by Tony Downey
"Regarding Humbleness" by Thoa Tran
"Life is Our Media" by Eldon Tucker
"The Inter-Theosophical Dialogue" by John Shafer
"The Doctrine of Svabhava or Svabhavata and the Questions of
    Anatman and Shunyata", Part I, by David Reigle
"Building Upon What HPB Wrote" by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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