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Re: Simplistic Teaching.

Jul 31, 1997 07:43 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:08 PM 7/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> Subject: Re: Simplistic Teaching.
>> Date: Thursday, July 31, 1997 11:23 AM
>> In the past several years, the only person in the TSA administration who
>> seems to have mentioned about the issue of how to take Theosophy to those
>> who can most benefit by it is Tim Boyd who is from Chicago. I recall his
>> making a statement in this connection several years ago. I think it was in
>> his published statement when he ran for the office of Directorship. But I
>> have not seen anything else from anyone in recent years.
>There is a project by two women named Brennan and Kettering in Olcott which
>involves the purchase of a house not far from Olcott.  Last year, I hear it was
>being remodeled to use as a battered women's shelter, as well as food pantry.
>However, TS was not used in the name of the project, as some conservative
>and fundamentalist people who live in the area would have been made it
>difficult for them to operate.
>A. Safron

       Anything happened to it? Operating a battered women's shelter is no
simple project!


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