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Re: New to the List...

Jul 31, 1997 12:44 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:07 PM 7/31/97 -0400, Vincent Beall wrote:
>Hello everyone.
>This is certainly an active list, and one that has some earmarks of
>healthy argument. 
>The discourse between Jerry and Titus has caught my interest, and it has
>been very welcome to find concern for ethics, and a search for the
>higher self as might be reflected in the "magical" behavior of subatomic
>This list seems to be unmoderated which is only appropriate, and would
>follow from HPB's ideas of good theosophy. There is a "Theosophy Lodge
>Online" web site where discussions of theosophy were offered, but not
>only did they intend to moderate the discussion; they insisted on
>choosing the topics. Needless to say noone responded.
>Well, anyway its nice to be here!
Glad to see your feedback.

Moderation/Censorship/Control/Editing or whatever word we use to restrict
free speech on Internet is totally alient to the fundamental nature of

Coming from a traditional background where such inbuilt free nature is
inbuilt, it will take quite some time to get used to it. Time will take care
of it, because Internet is a juggernaut which is unstoppable.

Feel free to post anything you want and we are all eagerly looking forward
to it.


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