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Re: Entering the Pit of Sickly Sweet Ethics, once again...

Jul 30, 1997 10:22 PM
by Titus Roth

"Jerry Schueler" <> wrote:

> The main argument to HPB is her "sickly sweet" ethics, which are religious
> in tone rather than magical or occult. Her ethical tone (which I do not
> like) is NOT necessary.

It seems that you attach a lot to the word "ethics" that I don't. Ethics does
not exclude compassion, nor does it imply seeing things in black and
white. "Sickly sweet" is what I use to describe hypocritical, false
compassion. True compassion also has a bit of salt in it. "If the salt hath
lost its savor, thenceforth it shall be good for nothing ..."

> Plain common sense is all that is needed to make one develop compassion.

It takes a lot more than that. At a minimum it takes strenuous self-honesty
that engages your whole being, and a will to love in spite of the bruises you

> The BIG PROBLEM with her tone is that it encourages a sense of right and
> wrong, and this is exactly why the Masters said in the MLs that religion is
> the primary scourge of mankind.

Religion for the sake of religion is what has been a scourge of
mankind. Religious wars have come not over ethics, but because they wanted to
defend their creed. Creed and ethics are different.

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