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Re: To Dare & Try

Jul 30, 1997 06:58 PM
by techndex

At 05:33 PM 7/30/97 -0400, Jerry wrote:

>Doss, I have no problem with what you are saying.  We all
>have to start somewhere, and ethics is probably the best
>first step anyone can take. My problem is with theosophists
>who seem to think that this first step is all there is; that
>we have to sign up with some guru and undergo trials
>and tribulates as a chela in order to go further.  This is not
>true.  First obtain ethics, then compasion, and then study
>occult laws, etc. and then practice practice practice. Living
>gurus are no longer necessary, IMHO.  The whole occult
>teaching of DARE and TRY seems to be ignored by today's 
>theosophists. Am I wrong?


Great points! Perhaps it's because of the generally limited attention span
and desire for instant gratification that is so prevalent in our culture
now days. Just a thought.

Lynn Moncrief
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