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Female adepts

Jul 29, 1997 06:57 PM
by Titus Roth

"A. Safron" <> wrote:

>>>> Anyone out there found out anything interesting or new at Olcott?
>>>	What sort of things would interest you?
>>>	Bart Lidofsky
> What about the lecture about female adepts?

In the Christian literature I've read (admittedly a rather focused sample)
there were more female saints than male. Paralleling my unscientific and
purely subjective findings, an author, whose name I now forget, counted modern
references to stigmatists and found that more than half were Italian and most
female. Among my favorite saints: Catherine of Sienna and Theresa of Avila.

I'm not as familiar with Eastern saints, but one I wish there was more
information on one called Mataji described by Yogananda. His description
implied she was at about the same level of evolvement as Babaji, the greatest
avatar he had personally met.

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