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folk souls as thoughtforms, etc.

Jul 28, 1997 12:26 PM
by techndex


I'm sorry that the second part of my response to your post is arriving so
long after the first part. Hubby pleaded with me to let him get on the
computer before I was finished with this message. (I'll be soooo glad when
we get that other monitor fixed so I'll have this system all to myself

You wrote:

<friendly snip>

>here we go - 'folk souls'.  According to Steiner (from Egyptian Myths and
>"If we think of the single individuals, the single egos, as little circles,
>for external physical observation they will be separate beings.  But one
>who observes these single individualities spiritually sees them as though
>embedded in an etheric cloud, and this is the incorporation of the
>folk-soul.  If the single person thinks, feels, and wills something, he
>radiates his feelings and thoughts into the common folk-soul.  This is
>colored by his radiations, and the folk-soul becomes permeated by the
>thoughts and feelings of the single persons."

This feels right!! It sounds more like group thoughtforms than group souls
and I see a lot of evidence for this in our society. Not only do people add
to the group thoughtform (which contains a huge amount of astral/emotional
material, IMHO), but they also partake of it if it's a particularly
attractive one in that it resonates with their individual vibrational
frequencies, astral and lower manasic. By "attractive", I don't mean
"attractive" in the sense of consciously liking something but in the sense
of occultly drawing something to oneself.

I think this has profound implications for serving humanity. At least as
one way of doing so. If we work to raise the level of our thoughts and
emotions, this would aid in creating group thoughtforms that serve to aid
the evolution of humanity. The energy (and I believe all is energy) would
have a stimulatory effect on the vehicles of those contacting it, raising
their vibration and refining them. Of course, this would only be possible
if we continually work at and succeed at raising the vibration of our own
vehicles, thus refining the group thoughtform. IMHO, this is, at least in
part, how humanity has evolved anyway and also how we unconsciously assist
in the evolution of the animal kingdom. (I think part of it is also due to
the cosmic "indraw" of the mantavaric "breath".)

>>"To" or "Toto" is also intriguingly close to "totem" poles, also depicted
>>as towers. But I may be coming up with a mere coincidence here. :-) 
>Very good!!!  I hadn't thought of that.  Thank-you.  I've gathered (from
>Steiner again) that the Egyptians saw themselves as being judged by their
>42 ancestors and for this reason, they felt that they had to improve on
>whatever had been passed down to them.  Therefore, ancestors were very
>important to them as well as were the ancestors of the native  Americans.

Could the concept of "ancestors" have its roots in the concept of previous
lives or of more advanced souls (masters, etc.) on the inner planes? Just a

>>Off the
>>top of my head, I don't know of a specific correspondence between the
>>number four and anything dealing with electricity except as perhaps
>>alternating positive and negative plates within a battery. 
>I know absolutely nothing about batteries, but something about what you
>said feels 'right' to me.  (Maybe it has something to do with all those
>mornings I woke up thinking about Egypt).  Now what would be required is a
>connection between batteries and inheritance because this 'djed pillar'
>seems to appear in two different contexes.

Hmmm. I can't fathom a connection here either. Is it possible that the
ancient Egyptians had homonyms like we do, the same word for two totally
different concepts? It would make for a greater economy of language,
wouldn't it?

>Not an easy task - but!  I
>suspect that the answer lies again in Steiner's book:
>"It would be his [an Egyptian's] particular concern that the folk soul
>should become as strong as possible, rich in good forces, and that it
>should not be diminished.  The Egyptian initiates could not reckon with
>what man possessed through blood-relationship.  But what the forefathers
>had accumulated as spiritual riches, was to become the property of the
>individual soul.... he had to continue working on what his fathers had
>Could energy and spiritual riches have an analogical relationship with the
>Egyptians?  (although I have no idea if spiritual riches were or can be
>'passed down')

I think there is a connection if they believed that ultimately all is
energy as I do. In the context of what I wrote above about the folk soul as
a group thoughtform, if true, then spiritual "riches" or attainments would
indeed be passed down, though not in their fullness. The amount of the
"inheritance" would be determined by the capacity of the recipient to
receive it. This may have something to do with the Egyptian "not wanting to
look bad in front of ones ancestors" if "ancestors" can indeed be
interpreted as more highly evolved souls. (See above.) Hmmm. Maybe there is
some connection between "batteries", if viewed as repositories of
(spiritual) energy and inheritance (the "riches" or energy) after all. We
just may be onto something here. ;-D

I had the wonderful experience of meeting a swami who, IMHO, was very
advanced. Having fasted all day prior to meeting him that evening, I was
pretty sensitive and it was an incredible experience just to sit within his
very large aura (as it's been said to be in highly evolved individuals). It
was this tremendous energy. I'm not at all saying that it had any lasting
effect that I know of on my own vehicles, but this type of effect if
experienced on a frequent basis could have a beneficial effect on
individuals as with the existence of refined thoughtforms. However, it's
necessary for the individual to consciously respond to the stimulatory
effect if much progress is to be made. The beauty of it is, IMHO, the
stimulatory effect is likely to evoke a conscious response to some degree,
igniting the individual's own efforts. An incremental kind of impetus (the
refined energy)-response cycle could be the process. 
>>You've brought up some fascinating food for
>>thought, Gisele! I love chatting with you!
>Thank-you!  I finally feel like I'm making some progress (and we'll talk
>about astrology some day.  That's another fascinating topic.) :-)

I'm realllllly looking forward to that! Talking with you about these things
is like an out-loud meditation. And astrology's a fascinating topic indeed!!

Lynn Moncrief
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