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Re: Battle - Paper vs Cyber

Jul 27, 1997 05:08 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>Like shareware, it is quite possible
>that those who feel a benefit from the material may come forth to support
>the author. I donot know if this is going to work in the case of Internet
>published materials.

I doubt it - the internet is seen by most users as THE place to get
stuff for free.  On spiritual an related subjects, I would hope that
authors who feel they have something worthwhile to say will find a way
to place their work on the net for anyone who may benefit from it.

If we have a background of support for the TS three objects (in whatever
form) then surely making research material, articles, books - whatever
comes within the remit of "brother/sisterhood"?

It may need co-operation between us, but financial considerations do not
appear to have been the reason behind (say) the Mahatma Letters, and I
doubt anyone could claim copyright in them!

Two of my own works remain available (free) on the site below, namely
The Nazarenes and The Keys to Kabbalah.  The co-operation factor is very
strong in the latter, as my site links to Martin Euser's site, and the
availability of the "Keys" in cyber form is entirely due to herculean
efforts on Martin's part, for he put in a great deal of time and energy
into making a usable and suitable presentation.  He even added an
appendix of a smaller work of mine which was not part of the original!


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