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Toto totem: Ancestors

Jul 27, 1997 03:33 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I have a little tidbit to share with regards to ancestral importance and a
possible correlation between reincarnation and "past life experiences".
In my little social circle, we've been talking about the scientific
aspects of PLEs.  A hypothesis has arisen that these regressions come out
through experiences encoded (perhaps) in the DNA.  When someone is
hypnotically regressed, they are actually picking up on the experiences of
their ancestors which have genetically come down to them through heredity.
In some, such memories may be a dormant gene or genes, whereas in others,
particularly those who have "flashes", those genes are active.  Is it  
possible that the Egyptians and the American Natives knew of a physical
connection between their ancestors and themselves?


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