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Re: Battle between paper and cyber version

Jul 27, 1997 12:04 PM
by ramadoss

At 08:40 AM 7/27/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> Subject: Battle between paper and cyber version
>> Date: Saturday, July 26, 1997 2:14 PM
>> Two instances I am currently aware where an attempt was made to get the
>> print version put on the cyberspace. In both cases those involved in the
>> production of the paper version has either not willing to put it on the
>> Internet or have not been very responsive to the suggestion, even though in
>> real terms the potential for distribution is enormous and is likely to be
>> appreciated by large numbers especially in the former East European
>> countries where current economic situation is very tight, but they have
>> access to Internet. While the paper publishers have valid economic reasons,
>> it is interesting to watch the above instances.
>> One of the questions that is going to arise is how future publishers are
>> going to handle the Internet phenomenon where there is not much of current
>> opportunities to make money like selling copies of hard copy publication.
>> But on the other hand, the speed with which Internet is expanding is mind
>> boggling and there is no end in sight.
>The question of publishing on the Internet is still being answered.
>However, with the cost of paper and printing rising, plus postage, it is
>just a matter of time before some alternative has to become available.
>Gnosis magazine is in trouble again, being ripped off by one of its
>distributions.  Although the mag is not my cup of tea, I regret that  a
>specialty publication may go down.
>If  you go to the local supermarket and see that those racks
>and racks of glamourous bullshit (Soap Opera Hair) trash mags, you can see
>a lot of waste that is contributing to the astral illusion that affects
>humanity.  We are not all models or all interested in improving our sex lives,
>nor care about hot celebrities or the latest movie star, who in reality,
>is just like you and me, maybe even a little stranger. 
>We need better ideas for magazines and publications, so that the
>bubble-headed publications are not the only ones available to us.
>A. Safron
I agree. The rising cost of paper and distribution is going to affect the
future of publishing industry. All those glamorous magazines you see in
super market shelves are there because a lot of people like to buy them and
use them as printed material is very convenient to handle.

On the other hand, the speed of distribution and the low cost of publication
on Internet is going to pickup speed and is going to change the publishing
landscape in the years to come. It would be interesting to watch the


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